Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bits and Pieces

I have been doing a lot of little things today, but nothing very serious and I have enjoyed my day very much. I am having very good sleeps at night all curled up beside my MH and when I waken up I am ready to spring into my day as soon as the old dear has filled up this adorable little tummy. She told me today that she thought I had hollow legs and that's where all my dinners were going. This made me a bit worried so I had a feel at one of said legs and it definitely wasn't hollow! Mind you, I HAD just eaten, so maybe the food does go there!

I went out to play and had lots of sniffs all round my garden and then in the fields and when my humans were in the greenhouse, my MH tooked this picture of me in full flight and I think it is a brilliant picture. It shows just how this adorable little puss can move when the time is right---and that time is usually dinner time! Hee hee

I was able to stay out for a long time and my friend M. came to my house to see me and then she tooked my MH away for a while so I stayed in my garden till they came back again and I made my MH laugh when I rolled over and over on my path as she was walking up to me. She liked that and bent down to tickle my adorable little tummy and I liked that a LOT!

By this time I was feeling a little tired, so I nipped through to my bed and had a little snooze which just filled me with lots and lots of energy so as soon as I have finished this, I shall be heading outside. The sun is shining on my little island so I think I will have lots and lots of fun until I am tired and then it will be cuddling up to MH time again.

Oh, goodie!

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