Saturday, 25 July 2015

Don't Worry....

.....If you think I look a bit tired in this picture. I am perfectly fine, but I did sleep all night with my adorable little paws crossed hoping that it would be a good day today and my little weather man friend must have seen me through my television 'cos today has been lovely and I have been out lots and lots.

As I told you yesterday, my humans were out at a concert last night, but they didn't stay away from me too long and when they came home, I was still out in my garden and I gave them a big surprise when I ran up to them to say hello, but they like surprises like that. We sat on the couch for a while and my MH told me all about it and said that they had had a really good time, so I was happy for them.

We all had a very good sleep and didn't need to get up too early, but as soon as I was up and fed, I was outside just happy being in the lovely sunshine. I ran on my grass and rolled on my path---lots of times 'cos it is one of my very favourite things to do, especially if my path is warm and today it was warm. Ah, lovely!

My DH was out with me a lot and then the old dear came out too 'cos she has got another car to play with and it is nice. I got a wee bit mixed up 'cos she told my friend S. on the phone that her car is a Kangoo and because I was half asleep and half listening, I thought we were getting a kangaroo and I was a bit disappointed when a motor arrived and not an animal for me to play with, but it is quite funny, sure it is?

I went into the gym with my MH and when she was all settled on her walking machine, I went out to play until she was finished and then we had a play together on the grass. It is nearly dinner time and then it will be napping time until it is time for me to go out to play again and goodness knows what I will find to do, but I will have a long, long time to do it in, 'cos if the weather stays good then the window stays open which mean I can stay out until I am sleepy and that makes me one very happy, adorable Squeak!

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