Thursday, 16 July 2015

Happy Puss

I have had an absolutely brilliant day. A very good -back to normal-type of day with me playing outside as much as I wanted and then coming back in side for millions of cuddles whenever I wanted. Magic!

The weather on my little island was lovely today and my dear old MH has been very busy washing all her holiday clothes which meant that I have been out in my garden with her and running up and down my clothes poles which always makes her laugh. I like to make her laugh.

My friend M. came to see us today, but I haven't seen A. as he has been very busy. Maybe I will see him soon. I hope so 'cos I like him and I miss him now that he is not here. I am sure he will miss me too.

I don't have very much news but I will slowly get back to normal and once my MH has all the Greece out of her camera, I will be able to get in again, and once I am in again, you will be able to see me. See?

I know that will make you happy too!

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