Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It had to happen

My humans have been home a whole week and it has been lovely with lots of cuddles for me and lots of knees to sit on whenever I want, but today my peace and quiet disappeared as the lawn mower was brought out and me and my MH cut the grass! oh dear. It was quite a nice morning and while the old dear was running round the garden after the mower, I just sat on the path and watched her and I was quite warm so I was happy---and so was she 'cos she likes it when the grass is all nice and short.

It didn't take her too long and when she was finished, her little legs were tired so she had to sit on my couch for a rest. Oh boy. That was my signal to launch my adorable little self on to her knee, wriggle my equally adorable little bottom into a suitable position and settle down for a comfortable seat with lots of cuddles thrown in for good measure. Bliss--absolute bliss.

Me and the Boss thought you might like to see this picture of all the boats that we could see from our living room yesterday. The Lifeboat takes the Shopping Week queen for a short sail and then brings her into Stromness where she is met by the pipe band and escorted up to the Town House for the opening ceremony and we could see it. We couldn't see the people but we knew they were there. I like this picture and I think you will too.

The sun is still shining so I have decided to have a very quick after-dinner nap and then when I waken up I shall head out into the big wide world and see all my little animal friends. There are lots of them in the fields beside my house so that will keep me busy for quite a while I think.

I love being out at night and especially when it is not winding or raining 'cos my humans leave the window open for me and that means that I can stay out as long as I want and all I have to do when I start to feel sleepy is rush home, jump in through the window, have a wee feed and curl up beside my MH and snore!

Oh, my dear friends, isn't life brilliant!

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