Friday, 31 July 2015

My Kind of Day

Oh, I have been much happier today---all day! It has been an almost purr-fect day for this adorable little puss. We have all been at home and the weather for most of the day hasn't been too bad, so we have all been outside for a while.

My DH was trying to put a new CD thingy into my MH's kangaroo car but he hasn't managed it yet, but while he was doing that, I helped my MH pick up lots and lots of weeds that have been growing in my garden and they have all disappeared now so The Boss is very happy 'cos she doesn't like weeds. She did mention that she might cut the grass although it isn't too long yet, but then the rain came on and she decided just to have a wee rest in the afternoon and so yours truly had a wee rest too.

My DH had to go to the pier two times today but he only got boxes with string one time, so I had a good play with the string when he had finished unpacking all the messages. The postman brought me lots of dinners today 'cos my MH is so afraid of not having enough to feed me that she buys lots of dinners at one time and then the postie man brings them to my house. It also saves the old dear having to carry them 'cos she says they are quite heavy, but she also says I am very worth it and she would carry them if she had to. Oh my dear friends, it brought a wee tear to this adorable little eye when she said that and I gave her a big purr.

She took some pictures last night of the cows and the sheeps in the field in front of my house and I think you might even hear Bully Boy bellowing! Oh I am getting a headache with all the noise he makes and we all wish he would stop. I don't think he is a very happy Mr. Bull but I am too frightened of him to go and ask 'cos he is simply ginormous--and angry!

I don't know if I will be able to get out to play later on tonight 'cos it is raining again, but if it goes off then I shall go out for a little while before bedtime and if Mr. Bull isn't roaring or dancing with his front feets, I shall politely ask him to stop shouting at me and my humans.

If you don't hear from me again you will know what has happened. Hee hee.

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