Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Not Happy

And you will all know why. Today was THE day! Today was V-E-T day, and I didn't manage to escape in time, so I have been to see the vet and to be quite honest, it wasn't too bad at all. But, I'm not going back! EVER!!

I had a good day right up until 3:20pm exactly. I know this 'cos I looked at my paw-kit watch as I was being thrown into the cage. How can my MH, who says she loves me millions, do that to me? I just do not know.

Anyway, as I was saying, my day was good as I helped the old dear change the beds again and we had great fun with me being in places I shouldn't have been and her trying to catch me to move me and my DH just shaking his head at us both. Oh, it was really the bestest fun and I just loved it. It was still quite a good day and so I could get out to play a lot. It is just a pity I didn't stay out a lot longer and then we would have missed the boat. Sigh. Anyway, (again) the old dear washed all the bedclothes and decided to hang them out on the rope and of course I had to help. I climbed all the poles ---we have three of them so I can take my pick, but today I was feeling full of beans so I picked all three and just ran as fast as I could right up to the top and it was beautiful sitting up there as high as the birdies and the planes and I had great fun. After that, I left my MH all by herself and went away to have a hunt in the long grass and then I went home and because I was a bit tired, I lay down on my bed for a little snooze and it was then that it happened. :-((

There was I, lying on my bed adorably sleeping and minding my own business, when my MH came in and lifted me up, carried me through to my living room and dumped me in the cage and as soon as I was inside, my DH locked the door and I was stuck! Stuck and not happy and meowing. I only 'meow' when I am upset, and boy was I upset, and to give her her due, so was my MH, but she could have stopped it, sure she could?

So my DH picked up the cage and me, put me in the back of his car and tooked me to the pier. We got on the boat and some people had a wee look in at me but I am afraid I just wasn't in the mood to be adored so I just lay down and sulked until we got off the boat and into a taxi to take us to the vet shop. A very nice lady vet felt all my bones and innards and she used her great big stethoscope thing to listen to my little heart and it tickled a bit and she told my DH I was perfectly fit and that made us happy. But just when I thought it was all over, she stuck a great big ginormous needle into me! Oh my dear friends, I looked down 'cos I was sure it was coming out the other side, but I didn't see it, so maybe I am exaggerating just a tad. I know I can be guilty of that sometimes.

When she was all finished making me a pin cushion, she put me back in the cage and told my DH she thought I was a lovely puss and oft we went again. Into the taxi, onto the boat, into my DH's car and home to my MH. who gave me a great big cuddle. I think she was feeling guilty for causing all my suffering and I shall play on that for quite some time.

But you knew that already, didn't you? Hee hee.

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