Monday, 28 September 2015

A Good Monday

It was such a lovely day yesterday and I was hoping it would be the same today 'cos I was desperate to get out to play in the warm weather again. I worked out that if I went to sleep early I could be up nice and early to see what it was like. That makes good sense, sure it does?

Well,I wakened up a few times, but it wasn't day time the first or the second or even the third time, but when I wakened up the next time, it was day time and time for me to get up. I ran to my window and saw that it was another good day and I was very happy. My DH was up first 'cos it is Monday and that is one of his Cat Shop days, so he gave me my breakfast and I shot out of the window as soon as I had gobbled it up.

It was lovely and I knew I was going to have a very good day, and when I nipped in to get my milk from my MH, we decided that it would be an outside day so that was good. She did her usual housework, but every now and then she came outside with me and we played for a while on my newly cut grass which felt really soft on my adorable little paws and it felt so good as I ran all over my garden.

I made my MH smile 'cos I kept hearing things far away and my little lugs looked as though they were doing a wee dance all by themselves. I went into the gym with her and we had good fun there too. There are still lots of things for me to sniff at and discover and I like going there with her. But the best bit is when she is finished and she plays with me before we go back in again.

It is a lovely evening and I am having my after dinner nap, but I know I will be going out to play later on and since it is fine, my humans can leave the window open for me, so I can come home when I am tired.

That may take me some time!!

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