Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Wee Upset

I have had a good day today but a rather quiet day. Me and my MH were up early and as she didn't have anything to do 'cos it was Saturday, we just sat on my couch and had a long chat and lots of cuddles which I loved.

When my DH got up, me and him went into our greenhouse to get some tomatoes to give to the old dear 'cos she likes them a lot and she is very happy when we bring them in to her. We have been bringing her some every day and although they are quite small (like me) she still loves them (like me!) They will soon be all finished though and we will need to clean the greenhouse and make it all ready to be turned into a workshop where me and the old boy can hide when the vacuum cleaner appears.

In the afternoon,my MH went away out to do craft things again with her friends and I had to look after my DH which I did very well until I saw her coming back again and then I went and sat at the gate until my friend M.'s car stopped to let my MH get out and I rolled on the path when I saw her to let her know I was happy and that made her smile.

That part of my day was very good, but later on, something happened which gave me a fright and 'cos my humans were in the kitchen and I was on my couch, they don't know what it was, so I can't tell you. It was dinner time and I had already gobbled mine up and was resting on my couch. My humans were sitting at the table in my kitchen having their dinner when my MH saw me running as fast as I could into my bedroom and she knew something was wrong. They both followed me in and my MH found me hiding under our bed and she tried to tell me I was fine, but I wasn't and she doesn't know what happened to make me not fine. She thinks maybe there was somebody or something in the field which frightened me, but right now, I am sitting on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop and I am fine.

In fact, I am VERY fine.

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