Monday, 21 September 2015

Another Week Begins

I was up bright and early this morning full of beans and looking forward to another good week. The weather wasn't too bad so I asked my DH to feed me so that I could get out to play early. He is always up first on a Monday so that he can catch the boat to go to the Cat Shop and he likes giving me my breakfast.

I gobbled it up and then headed off out into the fields for a while and by the time I came home my MH was up and it was just the perfect time for me to have my wee drop of milk which I loved. Me and my MH said bye bye to my DH as he went away and then we sat on the couch for a while and had a natter about our day and what it was going to be like.

I knew it wouldn't be too great for me 'cos it is Monday and that means cleaning with dusters and polishes and the vacuum cleaner, but every now and then my MH would find me and sit beside me stroking my adorable little lugs which I liked very much. She told me that she was doing extra cleaning 'cos we were having visitors tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing lots of peoples. Some of them I already know, but there is one lady coming who has never met me yet and I am a wee bit nervous and excited, but I am sure she will love me.

I was able to play outside for a long time while my MH was in her little gym and I ran all over my grass but my little feets were getting a bit wet, so I just went in and sat on the chair and watched the old dear working very hard then we went back in and sat on my couch until my DH came home again and told us all the things he had been doing.

So that has been my day and it has been a good one, but I think tomorrow will be even better and I shall tell you all about it when I write to you.

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  1. Squeak. I do so think you're adorable, even though we might not have met before or only briefly when you were much younger I think. Love Marj the Minister