Sunday, 6 September 2015

More Sighs... go with the more rain. I don't think my little weather man friend has got my letter yet 'cos it has been a horrible day on my little island and we have all been inside nearly the whole day. I did nip out for about half an hour and when I came back in, I was a tad wet so I did my normal thing of standing beside my MH till she got a tissue and dried me off. I like when she does that 'cos it is good being stroked and dried at the same time and it makes me purr very loudly.

Because of the awful weather I don't have any news for you and me and my humans have decided that we all need to get hobbies for the winter. My MH likes making her cards and gong into her wee gym as well as playing on her Wii, so maybe she has enough. My DH has started doing jig saw puzzles again so it is just yours truly who needs to get sorted out. I am mulling over a few ideas like learning to knit but I might have a little trouble handling or paw-ing the needles, so maybe that's not for me although I would like to make my own little boots as you all know.

I can go into the gym with my MH but I don't need to do any exercise 'cos I am a very fit little Squeak so apart from keeping the old dear company, there really is nothing for me to do there. I have tried to help both my humans when they are doing the cards or the jigsaw, but I tend to put the little bits where they shouldn't be and I sometimes get into a wee bit of trouble.

So, maybe you can understand my problem and if you have any ideas about a winter hobby for an adorable puss, I would be glad to hear it. I wonder if I could be a pussy cat model?

I am adorable enough, am I not?

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