Wednesday, 2 September 2015

No Trouble

I have had a good day and have managed to stay out of trouble for the whole day, which is very good.

Me and my MH spent the day together 'cos as you know, my DH goes to the Cat Shop on Wednesdays and it is a girlie day in my house and a day when there is not too much housework so there is plenty of time for me and that's just how I like it. I spent a lot of time on her knee and on the back of my couch---as you can see. My MH thought I looked so cute, she tooked this picture of me to show you how good I look.

Then she tooked out the Wii again and she decided it was time for me to get weighed and today I didn't mind at all, so she lifted me up and held me as my little Mii worked out how much of me there was and then it told me that I was just purr-fect and my weight was just as it should be. So me and the old dear were very happy at that news.

When she put it all away, she asked me if I wanted to play with some of my toys and that's how we spent the rest of the afternoon until my DH came home again, and I loved it. It has been a wee while since we played but we hadn't forgotten what to do, and I made my MH howl with laughter at some of the things I did, especially when I wriggled my adorable little bum before diving in for the kill.

She said I was just SO cute. And who am I to argue with that?

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