Friday, 25 September 2015

String Time

'Oh it's string again
He bringed again
String for his peedie Squeak.
And I'll play with it
And I'll stay with it
Probably till next week.'

Do you like that little song I have made for you? I think I am very clever, but my adorable little brain was so sore after I had done this much, that I had to lie down in a darkened room for a while. Maybe you could finish it for me. Eh?

You can maybe see from the pictures that I have had a very good day. My humans needed lots of messages which came in lots of boxes which were tied up with....... well, can you guess what they were tied up with? YES!! Lots and lots of string! Oh I was so excited.

I could hardly wait until my DH had taken the first bit off the box. He gave it to my MH who tied it up for me and then threw it high up into the air and as soon as it landed, I was on it and I had the bestest of fun for a long time and I was just the happiest little puss in this en-tire world. Oh I do love Fridays!

It has been a very lazy day in my house with me and my MH having lots of rests, but my DH has been very busy putting all the little garden ornaments in boxes to put away for the winter. I know it is safer for them to be out of all the wind and rain and cold, but my garden looks a bit sad now 'cos it is very empty. Shame

I am looking forward to a good weekend and I hope yours is a good one too.

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