Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Yippee Number Two

Picture the scene. My DH's alarm went off this morning at half past seven 'cos he had to go away earlier that usual and as it was still quite dark, I let him give me a wee bit of food then I cuddled up beside my MH for another snooze. A long time later it was time for me to get up and I was so hoping it would be another good day that I opened just one little eye and that one saw the sun shining and when I opened the other one I could see that it was another brilliant Squeak day. Oh happy, happy puss.

The next half hour or so was just the same as the rest of the days this week. My MH putting my breakfast out for me. Me devouring it rather too quickly, I must admit, and then running out the door to get into my garden as quickly as possible. I just sat on the grass and contemplated and I was a very happy little puss cat. You may have worked out by now that I am very much a fair weather puss. I put up with the wind and rain but I just LOVE the sunshine.

I did lots of running and sniffing and playing and I had a super morning and then I helped my MH hang out all my blankets that she had washed. I have lots of them to rest my adorable little body on. There are two on my couch---one on the seat and one on the back and then there is one on top of my bed and that's the one that I sometimes crawl under when I am playing hide and Squeak with the old dear. I have two sets of all these blankets so that when one lot is being washed, I still have another lot to lie on. See?

Just before my DH came home to me, I went into the gym with my MH and once I knew she was busy making her little legs do their exercises, I went off again to play and just as she was finished, she tooked this picture of me having a great big yawn.

Well, I had been a very busy puss all day and I am allowed to be tired, am I not? Hee hee

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