Friday, 9 October 2015

A late night

Well, it was just as I thought and every bit as good. After I wrote to you last night, I settled down on one of my favorite chairs and had a great big sleep with lots of super, duper dreams. My MH told me that at one point I must have been chasing mouses or postmen or something 'cos my little legs were twitching and I was making some very strange noises. I think I was having a very good dream.

I wakened up when my MH was going for her shower 'cos that usually means she is going to bed and I have to see that she is settled down properly and once I was completely satisfied, I nipped into the other room to find my DH and I asked him to please let me out which he did. And that was the last he saw of me until this morning!

I wandered slowly down my path and very gently hurled my adorable little body through my fence and then I was out in the big wide world where anything could happen to a little puss such as I. My little island is quite a safe place although there are cars and tractors and lots of other farm machinery so I have to be very alert and my little lugs need to keep working, but I think I might be safer here than in the big town.

There are some puss cats who are out all the time but they don't generally come to my house and I don't go to theirs. We have an understanding, you see, and that suits us fine. When I was a brand new baby puss, I got a chip put inside me and then my humans filled in all my details on a big bit of paper, so if I ever get lost, my chip will tell people who I am and where I should be. Well, that's the way it would work if I was in a town or a city, but not here on my beautiful little island 'cos everybody knows I am Squeak and they know where my house is so if I ever did forget where I lived, somebody would just take me home again. See?

Anyway, back to last night. I wandered through all the fields and had a wee chat to the bully boy, but only from a distance 'cos I am still not too sure if he likes puss cats or not and then I just kept wandering and sniffing and exploring and by the time my adorable little body was beginning to feel a tad tired, I noticed that all my house lights were out, so I knew my humans were sleeping but the window would be open for me and that made me very happy.

It was such a lovely night, and I was enjoying myself so much, that I stayed out very late and by the time I did go home, both my humans were snoring, but I wakened my MH to let her know I was back and I just happened to mention that I would be very happy if she felt like getting up and giving me a wee feed, and as she had to close the window anyway, she was indeed very happy to do just that.

A very good evening indeed!

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