Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ho Hum

All my good weather has gone away again and it has been raining and winding all day on my little island, so I have been indoors a lot. I don't have very much news for you because of that, but I have been quite happy 'cos there is a lot in my house for me to do and if I get a wee bit lonely or fed up, then I just find one of my humans and either have a play or a cuddle.

I have also been a bit sleepy so have spent quite a while on top of my bed just snoozing and having lovely dreams. My MH was cleaning the bedrooms which suited me fine 'cos I just wandered after her and while she was working, I found a comfortable spot to plonk my adorable little body on and watch her, so it was fine.

I did have a couple of wanders outside, but there wasn't very much for me to do or see and I realised as I was wandering through the wet grass that I would be much more comfortable on my couch, so I flew back in through my window again and just curled up and slept.

I might go out again at night because that is my routine, but if it is still wet and windy then it will only be for a wee while and I shall tell you tomorrow what I have decided.

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