Monday, 26 October 2015

Much Better

So,the Graemsay weather forecast. Damp but not raining and breezy but not a gale, so not bad at all for this little puss. I was up and out of the window like a shot this morning while my DH was getting ready for the Cat Shop and my MH was getting ready to play with all her cleaning stuffs. I just nipped in right on time to get my wee drop of milk which I just loved.

My humans went away to the pier 'cos my DH's car is still not going and my MH had to take him, but I wasn't worried 'cos she told me she was coming home to me soon, and she did. We had a seat together on my couch and then we went outside while she fed the birdies and I explored my garden and had a run round about chasing imaginary monsters and killing them of course!

My morning was spent either in my garden watching the birdies or on my bed dreaming of saving the world.I like watching the little birdies and my MH says I am a very good puss for not chasing them 'cos they are hungry and need peace to have something to eat so I just leave them alone.

In the afternoon, me and the Boss went into the gym and I watched her for a while as her little legs did all their exercises, but every now and then I would go and play on the grass when I knew she was OK. When she was finished her gym work she stayed out with me and that's when she tooked these pictures of me.

I shall explain them, but you will need a wee bit of imagination and I am sure you will get the full picture. If you see what I mean? The first picture sees me sniffing the air 'cos I am sure I can smell monsters and I need to get rid of them, and in the second picture I am in preparatory mode and this is where you need to use your imagination and think of my adorable little bum wriggling from side to side. But look at my lugs! They are definitely ready and I am just about to spring and that's just what I have done in the last picture which is a wee bit blurred 'cos I am moving at the speed of sound again.

Oh I do love being outside, especially when my MH is with me capturing my every move for you.


  1. I have a great imagination, so I can picture your little bum wiggling, and your great jump. Ah Squeak, would that you could bring peace to the world. I am sure you have brought it to your little island.

  2. Oh Bonnie, you are making me blush again. I don't know about bringing peace to my beloved little island, but my MH tells me that I make her very happy and that is good enough for me. I hope it made you smile when you pictured my little bum doing its preparatory wiggle. I think it is particularly fetching, and of course, my MH just loves it. Lots of very special purrs just for you.