Sunday, 25 October 2015

Nearly, but not quite.

Ho hum. It has been another not very good day for weather on my little island, but as you would expect, I have made the most of it. We all had an extra wee while in our beds today 'cos my MH had finally got all our clocks to be the same as everybody else when she put them back on the right day! My DH just shooked his head again, but he didn't say anything. Wise man!

When I looked out of my window I saw that it as still raining so that meant that I would be indoors for most of the day, but I asked my MH to play with me, and she did. We were both in the kitchen and when she was finished, instead of going into my living room with her, I scooted very quickly into my bedroom and she knew this was the cue for playing. So she followed me and we had great fun. She covered me all up in my blanket and tickled me lots and lots and I just loved it, and so did she.

I was sitting on my window sill and when my MH looked for me, she saw this rainbow so she tooked this picture for you and we both hope you like it. We did manage a wee trip out into my garden for a minute or two to feed the birdies but it was too wet and cold to stay out too long so we just went inside and played some more.

I am listening to a weather man on my television. He is not my friend the weather man, but he is saying that the weather on my little island might be a wee bit better tomorrow.

Will I get a walk at last I wonder? Watch this space.

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  1. A lovely rainbow just for you Squeak. Hope your weather improves.