Saturday, 3 October 2015

Squeak's Saturday

I have decided that the summer is all finished and I am a little sad. You all know how I love being outside and although I will still be able to get out, it is not the same when it is colder and all the little birdies have gone away on their holidays to somewhere warm. It is a wee bit lonely on my little island although lots of the little mouses are still here.

In the summer it doesn't get dark on my little island, but in the winter it starts to get dark earlier and earlier every day. I like the dark and as long as it is not pouring with rain or blowing a howling gale, then I go outside and do some prowling just to see if I can find anything new before coming back into my house which is nice and cosy. I don't really mind the winter 'cos I am a very adaptable little puss, but I do prefer the summer.

Another way I know that the summer is finished is that my MH changes the curtains in my living room and she puts up the big heavy ones and this year we got new ones and I have been warned not to touch them with my adorable little paws and so far I have been very good, although they have only been up a couple of days. I will try though. Honest.

I have had a good Saturday just wandering in and out and having lots of seats on my MH's knee 'cos she has been watching the rugby and I decided I would watch it with her, but I didn't understand it at all, so I just had a sleep instead. I was a bit annoyed that we couldn't watch 'Strictly' but she has promised me we will watch it when the rugby is finished, so I think I will have my evening perambulation early and then settle down again to watch the dancing with the old dear.

She told me a funny story today and we both had a giggle. Tonight all our clocks have to go back an hour and my MH usually puts one of our clocks back early in the night so that she doesn't forget. But once upon a time, she put the clock back and didn't tell my DH and he put it back too. Oh dear, that would have been funny, sure it would?

My friend M. came to my house today and after we had a wee chat,my MH tooked her away out in the little kangaroo and I looked after my DH for a while. We have all had a very lazy day today and we have enjoyed it and I hope you have had a good day too. I hope you like today's picture even though it is a tiny bit out of focus but you can see how determined yours truly is as I am stepping out in my garden. I like me in this one.

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