Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Still Good Fun Time

I have had another good day. I had a very good sleep 'cos I was a tired little puss last night. I had great fun playing outside until it was very late last night so I didn't want to get up too early today, but as soon as I was wakened, I went outside to see what was happening and everything on my little island was good.

I stayed out a long time, but I got a surprise when I went back inside 'cos although my MH had finished her breakfast, she kept some milk just for me and I lapped it up and then gave her a very special purr which made her very happy. My humans did wee bits of work inside my house, but they also had lots of time for me and I was quite content just following them around and watching what they were doing.

My DH is still managing to bring in some little tomatoes for the Boss and she likes that. He thinks they are his but I know they are the ones that I looked after and purred to when they were growing. It doesn't really matter whose they are as long as my MH likes them---but they ARE mine!! :-))

In this afternoon, me and my MH went into the gym again and because it was later than normal, she had to put the light on and it made it feel all different for me. I don't think I have been in there before when the light was on but now that the clocks have changed (properly!!) it is getting dark really early and we don't want the old dear to get lost, do we? I liked it with the light on and I was able to see more things which was good.

I thought you might like to see a picture of the bully boy in the field. I call him Mr. Grumpy 'cos he is always making loud groaning noises and I don't think he is very friendly so I keep well away from him. Maybe one day he will smile at me and we can have a little chat, but till then I am staying on my side of the fence and he can stay on his.

I don't have lots of news but I have had a good day and I will be going out to play in a wee while although I think I might have an early night tonight as these late nights are putting bags under these adorable little eyes. And that will never do now, will it? Hee hee.

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