Monday, 12 October 2015


.... if I had very little news for you yesterday, I have even less for you today. I could tell you about all the places I have visited to have a sleep, but I don't think you would find that very exciting.

It has rained a lot the whole day today and I have only been outside for about fifteen minutes and the rest of the time I have been inside my house with my MH. Ho hum

The rain started pouring down last night really heavy, but I had to go out. It has become my nightly routine and I would not be able to sleep unless I had some fresh air before bedtime. I helped my MH go to sleep and then I asked my DH to let me out and he did. Now, what he does is this. When the Boss goes to bed, my DH switches off the lights in my living room and he goes through to the study to play on his computer and when I need to come back in again, I just go to that window and bang it with my adorable little paw to attract his attention, and he comes to the door and whistles so that I know the door is open, and then I shoot round the corner and into my house. It is a good routine and it works very well.

I did have a wee panic last night though when I got caught in one of the heavy showers 'cos it felt as though it was taking him a long, long time to let me in and I was WET! Oh, my dear friends I was 'ringing' again and I was just about to go and tell my MH how wet I was when my DH caught me and dried me all up. And when I thought about it, that probably saved this adorable little life. Or one of them at least. Hee hee.

So, that horrible rain lasted nearly all day and it was not really a day for puss cats to be outside, and I just contented my little self with lying on the couch and listening to my MH as she was doing all her housework. Every now and then, she would stop and come and find me wherever I was sleeping and she stroked me and told me that she loved me millions, so to be honest, I was quite happy it was so wet outside.

But I hope it stops for tonight and tomorrow 'cos this little Squeak need out to play! So please Mr. weather-man friend, turn off the rain. PLEASE?

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