Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Better Day

I didn't have the best of days yesterday 'cos my DH was away to the Cat Shop and my MH was busy helping to decorate the Hall on my little island for the Halloween party and I couldn't go and had to stay home all alone. And to make it even worse, the wind was blowing right in my living room, so the window had to be closed. I had no other choice except sleep which I did till she came home again.

My DH came home but then after a wee while, they both got dressed up for Halloween and off they went again leaving yours truly on my couch with the window shut. AGAIN! Not happy. I was not happy 'cos I am not used to being shut in and I do not like it. I have sent you a couple of pictures of how my humans looked last night. Oh dear, I am so glad that this Halloween thing only happens once a year and I am VERY happy that us cats are not expected to dress us. Fortunately, they are back to normal again today which is fine.

So, although today has been a bit better, I still have been a bit lonely because the humans were away out again this afternoon when the Lifeboat people came to my little island with their mascot doggie, so I knew I had to stay at home again, but what made it a bit better was that the wind had gone away and I could get out to play. And, they weren't away too long which was very fine.

I am very happy that this weekend is finished, although I have just been told that I am to be left all alone tomorrow for the whole day as they are going shopping. I am saying nothing just now in the hope that they bring me something lovely home with them, but I hope we get back to normal very soon.

I am just not used to being left on my own and I do not like it at all. Sigh!

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