Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Crackin' Day

I have had a very good day doing lots and lots of the things that I just love. We didn't need to get up too early and me and my MH had a long seat on my couch just chatting and cuddling and then I went outside with my DH to see what he wanted to do.

Although it was a wee bit damp, it wasn't too bad and I was happy just wandering round the fields and I had a word with some of the lady cows who are in the field in front of my house and they told me that as it would soon be winter, the nice farmer man would be putting them into the byres in a wee while, so I won't see them for a long, long time and this made me a wee bit sad, but I know they have to be warm so I understand.

Later in the afternoon I was having a snooze when I heard my MH asking if I wanted to go for a walk with her. Well! That wakened me up very quickly, and before she had her jacket on, yours truly was at the gate! Hee hee We wandered down the path outside my house and I ran and jumped and climbed and sniffed and I was just the happiest little puss on this planet. My MH was quite happy too.

My DH was outside and he was watching me and I made him smile when I stalked a great big leaf and then after going through the 'killing' routine with my lugs and bum, I pounced on it and they both roared with laughter. My MH tooked lots of pictures but there is something wrong with her camera lead, so she says if you can wait till tomorrow, she will put some on for you then. I haven't seen them either, so I hope they are good.

But if they are of me, then they will be. Sure they will? Hee hee (again!)

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