Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Good Day

Me and my MH have had a good day but my poor old DH has a rotten cold and has been coughing and sneezing so he didn't go to the Cat Shop, but he is feeling a bit better now.

The weather on my little island still isn't brilliant but I have still managed to get out to play as often as I want. I go out lots of times, but I don't stay out as long as I do in the summer 'cos it is a wee bit cold for me, so I just nip home to get warm and a cuddle and it was during one of these trips in that I discovered my humans had got me a wee new mouse toy which I liked playing with. As you can see!

I got another wee surprise 'cos for some reason my MH was a wee bit tired this afternoon and she decided to have a snooze on my couch and I snuggled under the blanket beside her and my DH said we were both snoring very loudly! But we were both very comfortable.

I do enjoy my little snooze, but if it is with my MH, then it is even better.

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