Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Not Too Bad Wednesday

My day has been good, but very lazy. I was out a lot last night and I was out very late much to my DH's annoyance. The old dear had gone to bed and once I saw that she was sound asleep, I went out to play. My DH told me not to be too long 'cos he wanted to go to bed a wee bit earlier than normal, but I sort of lost track of the time and I think something must have happened to my hearing 'cos I didn't hear him whistling the first time or the second time, but I managed it on the third whistle. Oh dear, he was not very pleased with me, but a wee special purr and a rub on his ankle and all was forgiven. Oh yes, they are putty in my paws!

He went away to the Cat Shop as normal this morning and me and my MH had a long time on my couch just talking and thinking and all the time she was doing this, she was stroking me and I was nearly nodding off, but I was happy. And that is how my day continued. Happy! I wandered into my garden a few times, I nipped in and had a lie on my bed a few times and I sat on my MH's knee a lot of times and I was happy. Still very happy!

I watched as my MH played on her Wii and then we had time for another cuddle together before my DH came home and then we listened while he told us all about his day. I went with him into the greenhouse while my MH was making our dinner and now I am fast asleep on my couch gathering up all my energy for my going out time later on.

I have a routine and I like it and as long as the weather lets me carry it out then I am a very happy little Squeak. I hope your routine makes you happy too.

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