Sunday, 15 November 2015

An out to play day

Yippee! I got outside without getting blowed away. Me and my MH thought we had gone deaf when we wakened up in this morning, but I meowed and she heard me and she spoke and I heard her, so we decided that the wind wasn't shouting at us today and we were very happy. Sadly, it is not to last said my little weather man friend, but at least I have had today.

While my MH was having her breakfast, I sat on the window sill with my little nose sticking out of the open window. I was just sniffing the fresh air and liking it very much. I managed a few trips outside during the day and even had a wander round to my greenhouse with my DH which he liked very much. I am lying on my couch just now and I can hear the wind coming back to us again and I am not the happiest puss in the world, but I will just have to put up with it. Sigh

We have had our usual lazy Sunday and we have all enjoyed ourselves, but I don't have very much news for you. I am enjoying watching 'Strictly' with my MH and we both love Jay 'specially when he got his hair all cut. He is our favourite and he makes my adorable little heart do a funny flutter when he comes on and I am sure he would feel the same if he could see me.

Do you think if I sat right in front of my television he might see me? I haven't quite worked out how that all works, but it might be worth a try. I shall let you know.

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