Sunday, 29 November 2015

Ho Hum

What a day I have had! The weather has been awful with. Big naughty gale shouting at me and bringing rain and sleet as well. BUT I still went out to play. It needed all my intrepidness but I did it and I am afraid I worried my MH, but a puss has to do these things.

And besides, there are no seats for me in my house 'cos my friends N. and M. came to help my humans to take all the furniture out of my living room and tomorrow the new carpet is coming and then everything will be back to normal again and I for one will be very happy.

I have some pictures for you but my MH says she will show you them tomorrow as she is still a wee bit very busy and she is sure you understand.

I hope I will have much more news for you tomorrow, but I am quite well and I hope you are well too.

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