Monday, 23 November 2015

Just Another Monday

But a very good Monday just the same and I have liked it a lot. We were all up quite early 'cos my DH was going to the Cat Shop and my MH was in a hurry to play with her vacuum cleaner and I was desperate to get out to see what kind of day it was. It was a bit very wet and there was a wee wind, but that meant nothing at all to this intrepid little puss, so I went out and had a wander all round my favourite places before heading back inside to get my little drop of milk. I am always surprised at how well I can time this and I hardly ever miss a wee drink which is great.

The weather got a bit worser in the afternoon so I just lay on the back of my couch and helped my MH to do her puzzles and read her book when she had finished all her work. I even got some real stew when she was making the dinner and I liked that.

Just before my DH came home I asked my MH if she would play with me and she did and she let me choose which toys I wanted to play with. I had a wee think while she waited patiently and then I picked one out and she helped me to have some really good fun.

I had to have a rest until dinner time and then I went outside again for a long time and now I am snoozing on one of my favourite chairs until I have saved up enough energy to hit the fields again.

So you see, just another Monday but a good day for this adorable little puss.

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