Sunday, 8 November 2015

Normal Sevice....

.... with my MH's camera has been restored. I shall be technical for a second while I explain what happened last night. The cable thingy that goes between her camera and our computer was broke and my pictures couldn't get through it. See? But the old boy came to the rescue and he looked through all the millions of cables and bits of wire that he has and found one that fitted, so she got all my photos off to show you and she was very happy with my DH.

I have had a good day but it hasn't been very nice outside with wind and rain and my little weather man friend says that it is going to get a lot worse and that my DH might not get to the Cat Shop tomorrow 'cos the sea might be too bumpy for the boat to come to us, but he will just need to wait till tomorrow and see what happens.

My pictures were taken on my walk yesterday and you can see me stalking my prey and then making a big spring for it. You can also see me running to fast that I blurred the camera and it made my humans smile and then there is a lovely one of yours truly. Now, just in case you are worried and think I might be turning into a naughty puss, I was only pretending to stalk something. I pretend lots of times and my humans think I have a great imagination.

And I for one am not arguing with them. I hope you like my pictures and that they were worth waiting for.

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