Thursday, 26 November 2015

Not a Good Thursday

We were all up very early this morning and the first thing that I noticed was that it was still dark, but I was undaunted and as I gobbled up my breakfast I was all prepared to put on my intrepid suit and go out into the wind and the rain. My MH opened the window and I was off! So far so good. I had a wee play and watched as the sky got lighter and was quite prepared to spend my day just nipping in and out at will. But it was not to be. Oh dear me no. I was tricked!

My MH called for me and I went inside and sat with her for a wee while as she told me that they had to go and leave me for the WHOLE day! Not a happy puss, I can tell you. However, I had worked out that if I nipped out when they opened the door, they couldn't go away and leave me 'cos it was too blowy to leave the window open and they would never leave me outside in the wind and the rain. So I sat and waited patiently at the inside door just waiting for them to open the outside door and then I was going to scoot into my garden. But,--- and I am almost too embarrassed to tell you this. My DH put down some wee treats for me and as I was busy devouring them, they nipped away leaving me inside, all alone and a wee bit sad. But quite full up. Hee hee

I sat on the window sill and had a few naps while I waited for them to come back but then I got a wee bit concerned 'cos it was getting dark and they still weren't home. My living room was dark and I didn't know how to put the lights on so I just had to sit there and worry until I suddenly heard the door open and all the lights were on and my humans were back to me. Oh happy happy Squeak.

I ran into the kitchen purring my hellos and my MH lifted me up and gave me the biggest cuddle I have ever had and I liked it millions. She told me she had missed me but knew I would be safe in my house until they both came back home again. And of course I was. I was just a bit lonely, 'cos I don't like it when I am here on my own, but it doesn't happen very often.

And today was a special day for my MH so I understand and I am trying to help her feel a bit better and she says she loves me for that----naturally!

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