Friday, 6 November 2015

Not Much News.....

....but I have had a very good day. It has been a lazy day and as you know, my MH doesn't do very much in the housework department on a Friday, so there is plenty time for me and I make sure I get my fair share, and then a wee bit more! Hee hee

It was a wee bit wet today so I had to time my outside trips very carefully and I managed perfectly right up until after dinner time and then it sort of went a wee bit wrong and I got soaking wet, as in totally dripping! Sigh. My MH let me in the window and I just stood there so that she could get a good view, which she did, and then she very quickly went away to get a towel to make me all dry and adorable again. Not that I am NOT adorable when I am wet, you understand, but I am sure you know what I mean.

So, I got all dried and then had a snooze on my couch until my MH tooked out her computer to write to you and then I sat beside her with my little head on her keyboard so that I could watch and make sure she told you everything that I did today, although I must admit, I haven't done very much, but what I have done, I have enjoyed!

I spent most of my time outside playing in the fields and it was quite a funny feeling when the wet grass tickled my little under carriage, but I didn't let my MH dry that bit. I did it all by my adorable little self.

I am resting again, but if it's not too wet later, then I shall have a few trips out before bedtime. My humans have noticed that I am still going out as many times, but I don't stay out too long 'cos it is getting a tad cool for me and I prefer to be inside in the warm beside my humans.

Oh yes. Life is good.

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  1. Lovely picture of you Squeak. I guess we have to expect the cooler weather. Stay warm.