Monday, 2 November 2015

Only the Lonely

My MH likes Roy Orbison and she plays that song lots and lots and that's what I was singing to my adorable little self today 'cos they were away again and I was left at home all alone! But I did make them change their minds about one thing. When they got up this morning, my humans decided that it was too windy to leave the window open and it dawned on me very quickly that I would be stuck indoors for hours and hours and I decided that I was definitely not having that. So, just as they were leaving I scooted out the door and wouldn't come back in, so my DH had to go back into my house and open the window. Yes! One up for Squeak.

As it turned out, the wind went away and it was really quite nice after all and I was in and out lots and lots of times, but I was sitting on the chair in my kitchen when I heard the little kangaroo coming back and I patiently waited for all the cuddles I knew I would get, and they made me feel a whole lot better.

So that has been my day and it has not been too brilliant, but I have been promised that the humans will be at home all day tomorrow and that tomorrow is officially Squeak day in my house, so I have to go now and start writing my list of all the things I want them to do.

I don't think I will get much sleep tonight! Hee hee


  1. Ah, Roy Orbison. I still love his old songs. Glad your day turned out well for you.

  2. My humans like all that kind of country music and play it lots of times and sometimes my MH sings with them an it is quite funny when she makes up some of the words. It makes me smile.