Friday, 13 November 2015

Still Stormy

There were lots of great big winds last night and they were all shouting outside my house and my poor old MH wasn't happy at all. My DH didn't mind too much and what did I do? I put on my little lead outfit and went out to play! I had been out a few times throughout the evening but didn't stay out too long 'cos it was a bit cold, but after my MH went to bed, I decided to be a very intrepid little Squeak and went out. My DH was amazed and I'm afraid the old dear was a bit worried in case I blowed away. But instead of that, I blowed back in through my window and cuddled up beside her and she was very happy.

We were up a few times during the night when the wind rattled my house, but I told her it would be fine---and it was. We have no damage at all. And how do I know this? 'Cos me and my DH did a big inspection of all round my garden and it is all fine. The wind is still shouting at us but not just as angrily as last night and I have already been out a couple of times which will probably do me until later on tonight and then I am afraid I will worry my MH again. Sigh. I don't like doing that, but I have to get out, sure I do?

Today's pictures are of me and my MH playing in my living room. She was working at the table and I was a wee bit bored, so I very politely asked her if she would play with me and she did 'cos she knows it is much easier to give in right away 'cos I just keep asking and asking--louder and louder! Hee hee.

We did have lots of brilliant fun and she enjoyed it every bit as much as me. I played with lots of my toys, but my favourite one is still my little blue mouse that my friend J. sended me all the way in the post from a place lots and lots of miles away. I love my little mouse and play with it lots, so thank you again to my friend J.

We are all listening to the radio tonight 'cos it is Children in Need and I am hoping I get something nice 'cos once I got a new scratching pole and lots of goodies for my adorable little tummy, so I have got my little paws crossed and I am listening very carefully. Then I will go out to play again.

Oh, happy Squeak!

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