Monday, 9 November 2015

What a Monday!

It was wet and very windy last night and even wetter and windier today so my DH had to stay at home with me and my MH instead of going to the Shop which made it a funny Monday for all of us. My MH did all her usual housework while me and the old boy spent the morning dodging the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. She tells me she is just stroking me, but I am convinced she is dusting me too, and I am not having that.

I have been outside quite a few times 'cos I am a very brave little puss, but I nearly got into trouble this evening when I asked the old dear to let me out. She had her laptop on her knee at the time and she had to shift that and then get up to open the window and by the time she had sat down and put her laptop back on her knee, I was back at the window hammering on it to get in again! Oh dear, she wasn't happy at all. She let me in, though and cuddled me, so that was good.

I will have a snooze on my couch but I shall have one ear listening to the wind and as soon as it goes away,then I shall be out to play again and I may stay out for a long time. I think that might be safer. One does not want to upset the Boss now, does one! Hee hee


  1. You never want to upset the boss, Squeak. Remember from whence cometh your food. :)

  2. Wise words Bonnie. I do try not to upset her 'cos I do love her lots, but sometimes I am a wee bit naughty by mistake but 'cos she loves me MILLIONS, it is OK. Phew!