Saturday, 14 November 2015

Windy, Windy, Windy

The wind shouted at me all last night and all of today but it is finally having a rest and my little island is a bit quieter but my little weather man friend said that it is going to come back again tomorrow, so I will need to get out to play in a wee while.

I was able to get out for a long play before bedtime last night 'cos if the wind is blowing from the South, I can go in and out my window in the living room and if it is blowing from the North, I can go out the door, so there is usually some way I can get out and you all know how much I love being out at night. So off I went and had a play and a wee chat to the cows and they told me that the nice farmer man next door was going to put them all in the byres for the winter so that they wouldn't be too cold. I will miss them but I understand. I'm just that kind of puss!

It was very windy again today but I asked my MH to please open the window for me and I made her laugh 'cos she was watching me and as soon as my four adorable little paws hit the ground, I scooted as fast as they could take me over to my pampas grass and I sat there and had a good shelter as you will see from one of the pictures. It is very handy and I stay there lots of times until I am ready to go home again.

I played again with my MH and my little toys and we had super fun. She watched me as I ran all over my living room and she lay on the floor beside me so that she could try and catch me and tickle me 'cos I love that too. We played for a long time and then I had a snooze before dinner and as soon as it was all safely inside my little tummy, I went out to play again. I have to try an keep up with my routine and I shall be heading out again before bed time,

I just hope the wind stays away long enough to let me enjoy myself.

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