Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Big Surprise

Well, actually I got two surprises today. A very good one and a not so very good one. As you know, it was Wednesday and Wednesday is one of my DH's Cat Shop days, so off he went on the boat, but---and this is my not so good surprise---my MH went away too. Well, to say I was not best pleased is an understatement and the wind was blowing so hard at my house that the window had to be kept shut, so I did what all good puss cats do. I took to my bed and sulked!

I was having a little nap when I heard the door opening and when I ran into the kitchen to see who had come into my house, there was my MH back home again and I was very happy, but then I was even happier when I got my very good surprise. It was a little parcel addressed to me and it had come all the way from England in the post. I was so excited 'cos it made me feel very important that lots of postmen people had seen my name and knew all about me. Then my MH opened it for me and it was another toy mouse just for me from one of my bestest friends J. and she had sent it for my birthday. Thank you J. and a million purrs from me to you. My MH said that I can play with it even though it's not my birthday yet and she will put a picture of it on my blog for you tomorrow or Friday 'cos they might be going out tomorrow if this horrid wind stops shouting at us.

They are supposed to be going visiting, but my little weather man friend said there has to be a storm on my little island, so maybe they won't be able to go away and leave me. I don't mind them going away, but I am always much happier when they are with me.

Naturally, I will let you know the outcome tomorrow.

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