Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Good Day

We all had a long sleep this morning and as me and my MH had a wee nocturnal chinwag in the middle of last night, we were both a wee bit tired today so we didn't get up too early. I love when we have a chat in the middle of the night when it is so very dark that she can nearly not see me, but she can always hear me 'cos I purr for her when she is talking to me. She strokes me and cuddles me while she tells me she loves me millions and I like that lots. And what is my DH doing all this time? Yep, he is snoring!

When I finally did get up, I had my little drip of milk and then went out to play. It was a wee bit wet and quite windy, but nothing to worry yours truly so I was in and out a lot of times today. There are still some sheeps in the field beside my house, so I have some company when I am out, but the grass is very wet and to be honest, I would rather be inside playing with my humans, but I need to be outside to get some fresh air into these adorable little lungs and to use up some of my energy.

I always make sure I have plenty of 'oomph' left to play in my house and some times my MH chases me all over the house and I just love that game 'cos I can hide in little spaces that she can NEVER get into and that makes her giggle.

I have had a wee sniff at my Christmas tree but I know that I am not supposed to climb it so I get as close as I am allowed and just look at it. Maybe I will have just a little climb when they both go out.

After all, that's what trees are for, sure it is?

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