Friday, 11 December 2015

A Much Better Day

Well, any day when I don't get thunder and lightning-ed on is bound to be a good day, sure it is?
Both my humans were at home with me and as we had lots of groceries there were quite a few boxes which meant lots of bits of string for me to play with so my day just kept getting better and better!

I only got very wet once or twice but it is worth getting wet just to get a big cuddle when I go inside again. I did get into a wee bit of trouble two times today 'cos I had an awful lot of energy inside this adorable little body and I was also in a climbing mood and those two things together are bound to get me into a bit of trouble.

The first time was when my MH was in the bedroom and she heard a sort of thump and a rattle and she thought someone had come into our house, so she went into the kitchen to see but there was nobody there AND she couldn't see me either. She looked and looked and finally she looked up and there was me up on top of the kitchen units where I am not supposed to be and I was told in no uncertain terms to get back down--or else! I don't know what the 'or else' would have been 'cos the old dear could never get up there to get me down, so I knew I was safe, but I went down anyway and it made her smile when I walked down the front of the kitchen cupboards!

I went climbing again in the afternoon and this time I got into trouble from both my humans when I nipped up on to the top of the big unit in the living room and that is one place I should definitely not be so I did one of my death-defying leaps from the top of the unit and landed on then back of my couch with one of those looks that said I knew EXACTLY what I was doing!

I have a feeling they didn't really believe me though, but I still haven't broken anything in all my nearly six years! Did I tell you it would soon be my birthday? Hee hee

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