Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Much Better Day..... lots of ways. I think my little weather man friend loves me. Maybe not millions like my humans, but enough to want to make me happy and that's what he has done. As you know, my humans were away all day yesterday and he sent rain 'cos he knew I wouldn't want to go out and that I would be happy just snoozing till they came home, but he also knew that they would be at home with me today, so he sent good weather for me so that I could get out to play just as often as I wanted. See? He did that just for yours truly, so I think he must love me, sure he must?

I have had a very good day just helping my humans do very little except my MH was getting things ready for the Christmas party next week. She helps all the little children play games and she has to get them all ready and I helped her and she liked that a lot.

Then both my humans went to the pier 'cos Santa Claus was coming to my little island on the boat to see some of the little children and I am sure that when they came home again, they had a present in their pocket for me but they hided it so I don't really know.

I just hope! Hee hee

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