Thursday, 17 December 2015

Another Good Day

I am having very good fun just now and I feel very, very happy. I am sleeping very well and am having super duper dreams. Sometimes my dreams are so good that I don't want to waken up, so I have been having lots of sleeps which makes me a very healthy little puss.

My little weather man friend has been very good to me and has sent me some good weather so I have been able to go to play lots and lots of times and you all know how much I like being outside with all my little animal friends.

My humans have been taking things easy too and have lots of time for me so we have been playing with my toys and I have had lots of seats on my MH's knee so everything is just about purr-fect for this adorable little puss, although I did hear them saying they were going shopping tomorrow and I am to be left all alone.

I don't mind though, 'cos I think they are going for all my Christmas presents. I just happened to drop my list on my MH's knee and I watched as she read it, so I think they will be bringing lots of parcels home tomorrow, but I shall pretend not to look.

Oh, happy, happy Squeak!

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