Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Happy Me

I had a brilliant sleep last night. I think all the excitement tired me out and I slept sound, but I was oh, so happy.

It was just us girls in my house today 'cos the old boy was away to the Cat Shop, but today is his last day until after New Year, so there are lots of days for him to play with me and that is another reason I am feeling very happy.

My MH gave me all her attention today and we had lots of seats on my couch and lots of wee chats which I just loved. There was no housework so it was lovely and quiet and even the weather wasn't too bad so I was out playing lots and lots.

I had a wander into the field where the sheeps are and I had a chat with this Jacobs sheep although I think he is a boy sheep, but that was OK. I asked my MH to take his picture and let you see him 'cos he is one of my bestest friends and we get on very well. I hope you like him. I think he is a very handsome chap.

The other picture doesn't need any explanation 'cos it is just a very tired wee Squeak!

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