Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Time

My humans were out this afternoon 'cos it was the island Nativity Play and my MH was helping the little childrens, so yours truly was left at home, but I didn't mind too much 'cos I knew that when they came home, then all their time would be for me and I was oh, so right!

I got a great big cuddle as soon as they came in my door and then I was allowed to help my MH put all the things away and as soon as she was finished, I dived onto my bed and scrambled under my cover and she tickled me and I loved it so much. She has promised to do that as often as I want and I have a feeling I will want it lots and lots of times 'cos that is my bestest Christmas present.

I am very much a people kitten and I just love being stroked and cuddled and sitting on knees so I am going to make a plan of my days for the next couple of weeks! I got a lovely surprise today when my friend A. came to see me. I was sleeping on my little bed when I heard him calling to my MH and I ran to see him and that made him happy. He said I was looking very good, so I gave him a special purr.He was helping my MH with the music this afternoon and they were having a rehearsal, so I just nipped up onto the back of my couch and was an audience and I liked it.

So that has been my day and it has been a good one, but my MH says I won't be writing to you tomorrow 'cos I will be too busy getting some special dinners and lots and lots of cuddles but me and my humans would like to wish all my friends who read about me, a very happy Christmas.

I hope you all have a lovely time and I will write to you again very soon. Happy Christmas.

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