Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wet and Dry

My DH says I am like his sandpaper 'cos all day I have been wet and dry and I have made them giggle at the things I have been doing.

It was a fine morning and I went straight out to play after my breakfast and just came back in time to get my wee drop of milk. I just love that last wee drop of milk and my MH loves to listen to me as I lap it up 'cos I am usually purring at the same time, but it is just because I am so happy.

It wasn't raining or blowing so I stayed out for quite a long time but then my humans had to go away out for a while, so I just took to my bed until they came home again. The minister had come to my little island and my MH was playing her guitar, but before she went away, I had a seat in the guitar case and I loved it 'cos it is all furry and cosy on this adorable little body. I would sleep there if my MH would let me. Maybe that's what I could get for my birthday! My very own little guitar case bed. Oh yes!

My afternoon was filled with journeys in and out of my window and that's when I was getting wet 'cos it had started to rain but I was happy being outside and every time I went in, my MH was at hand to dry me down with tissues and towels and that made me purr more and more.I don't mind getting wet, but I am not too fond of getting blowed about and my little weather man friend says there is going to be a very bad wind on my little island tomorrow night so I will need to be very careful.

My DH says he could tie me on to a big bit of rope and if it was too windy, then he could gently pull me back home again. It might be quite a good idea just depending on where he puts the rope, so I shall give it serious consideration before I tell him 'no thanks'

My intrepidness doesn't need any help, thank you DH. I shall manage, as ever!

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