Thursday, 10 December 2015

What a day!

My little weather man friend was right when he said it would be wet and windy on my little island but there was a wee bit that he didn't tell me and it tested all my intrepidness to the limit. But was I found wanting? Indeed I was not! In fact, as my MH is writing this for me, I am sitting on the couch beside her and my adorable little chest is all puffed up with proudness at just how brave I have been today.

My day started off quite well and then got better very quickly when I discovered that my humans were supposed to be going away to leave me for the entire day, but the people they were going to see had to go out and my humans were a wee bit sad but a big bit relieved 'cos it was not a nice day with lots of rain and a very big wind, so we all stayed home.

I was quite happy to follow the old dear round the house as she did lots of her housework and then we had my favourite game of 'hide and Squeak' when she was changing the sheets and the duvet covers and we played for a long time, but as usual, my little wagger gave the game away 'cos it started waving about under the sheet when my MH said 'Oh dear. Where is Squeak?' I lay as still as I possible could, but my silly wagger was waving like a flag and she found me! Sigh

I had a wee snooze in the afternoon and then just about four o'clock, I decided it was time for me to head outside and I couldn't have picked a worser time if I had tried. It was OK when I nipped out the window, but as soon as I got into my garden there was a great big shower of hailstones falling right on top of me and they HURT!! I kid you not, dear friends, they were like golf balls and there were millions of them and I am sure that most of those millions were falling on me and I was not happy at all! I ran as fast as my little legs could take me until I could find some shelter and then just as I was breathing a huge sigh of relief there was a HUGE flash if lightning and then the biggest roll of thunder I have ever heard and I was frightened.

I was outside, all alone in the hail and the wind and then in the thunder and lightning and I wanted my MH but it was still too wild for me to even try to get in my window so I just had to wait. As soon as it went off a wee bit I jumped up onto the window sill and banged on the window till my MH opened it for me and I shot in. Phew!

Then just as we were all settling down again, there was another great big flash and all our lights went off and my house was all in dark. The naughty lightning had knocked off all the switches but the electric men worked very hard and in a wee while all my lights were back on again so we are all happy and my MH thinks I am just the bravest puss in the world and who am I to argue with THAT?

I have been playing with my new mouse that my friend J. sent me and I asked my MH to take these pictures for you and I hope you like them. I love the little mouse, so thank you again J.

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