Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Surprise Day

I was just trying to settle down into a normal routine again after all the excitement of Christmas when I got a big surprise, so maybe Christmas hasn't gone too far away from my little island yet.

It wasn't too bad a day when we got up but it was a wee bit blowy and still a bit wet, so I contented my adorable little self with sitting on the window sill---in the inside--- watching the birdies who were on the outside. Do birdies not mind getting wet? I must ask them sometime.

I nipped in and out and watched my dear old MH who was doing some housework and then we all sat in my living room in this afternoon and that's when I got my surprise 'cos my friend A. came to see me and he brought our friend E. who is his granny. I like E. She is the oldest lady on my island and she has lots of cats and she loves them all, but she still has a wee bit of love left for me so I gave her a special purr and she smiled.

I'm afraid I was a bit of a show-off and I ringed my chimes for E. so that she could see what a clever puss I was and I asked my MH to play with me and my toys, which she did, and that made everybody laugh.

My friend A. is going away back to university tomorrow but he will be back to look after me in the summer when my humans are going away on holiday, so I am sure we will all have good fun, although I really do think it is time for them to be settling down to stay at home and be with me.

I shall have a word with the old dear when the time is right.

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