Friday, 8 January 2016

A Wee Bit Better

I peeped out of hibernation this morning when the postie man came to my door and I noticed it was just raining a wee bit and after I had shooked my adorable little head to make sure my lugs were working, I realised it wasn't winding, so I decided to have a wee holiday from my hibernating and after my wee drink of milk, I was off outside.

I quite enjoyed it, but to be honest, it was a bit too cold for me and everywhere I went I found puddles of water where there should have been dry grass. I don't like it when my little feets ---and other delicate parts of my anatomy!--- get wet when they shouldn't be getting wet.

Although I had a few short trips outside, I spent most of the day inside cuddled up beside my MH and I even sat very patiently on the couch while she played on her Wii, but as soon as she was finished and had put it all away, I asked her to please play with me and we both got down on the carpet and played with my toys for a long time which was brilliant.

I love playing with my toys. I love playing with my MH and playing with them both together at the same time is just the magicest thing ever. I hope we can do it lots and lots and lots.

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