Sunday, 31 January 2016

Decision Time

I have been doing a lot of thinking---mainly about my name--- and I have finally come to a major decision. I shall remain Squeak, but shall put on my Intrepid name like a cloak when I am going out in dreadful weather.

I think that is a very good solution and I shall explain how I reached it. When I was a brand new puss and looked after by the lovely Cat Protection ladies, one of them called me Florence, but then I came here to my forever home with my humans and they decided to give me a new name, but they didn't know what, so they waited for a while till we all got to know one another better. They watched me and listened as I explored my new home and they noticed that every time I jumped up or down, I made a squeaking type noise and so they called me Squeak and it suits me brilliantly. I am Squeak.

But. I am Intrepid too. I am brave and fearless and will not be beaten by the weather, so when the weather is awful like it was recently, I shall be Intrepid-Squeak as I venture out to explore in the awful conditions. OK?

Today has been much better and I have been much happier 'cos I have been able to get out and play without being blowed about or rained upon which I like. But I'm afraid I am the only happy one in my house 'cos my MH was sad when Andy lost his tennis match and my DH was disgusted when his football team got beaten, so maybe outside is the safest place for me to be. Hee hee

My little weather man friend told me that another storm is on its way so my DH might not get to the Cat Shop tomorrow but my MH already has lots of jobs lined up for him to do, so his fingers are crossed that the boat will come, and he has asked me to cross my adorable little paws too.

I have told him I will do it for a price, so we'll see what he comes up with!!

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  1. Andy won the semi-final match with a Canadian, so I was hoping he would win the final. Better luck next time. Hopefully you won't have a bad storm Intrepid Squeak.