Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gusty Gertie

I have been listening to my little weather man friend as he has been telling us all about the storm called Gertrude which is coming to my little island and I have not been liking what he has been saying. Not one little bit!

I took to my bed to decide what I should do and I am thinking that hibernation until Sunday might be the bestest thing. It has been a wee bit windy today so I have nipped in and out lots of times, but I'm afraid that my times in the open air are getting shorter with each trip, but I still have this urge for the fresh air and need to be out. However, if Gertie is as bad as everyone is saying, I might be better cuddled up beside my MH. I need to think!

I have had a good day and followed my MH around as she did her housework. I even got a little bit of stew when she was cooking the dinner and I gulped that down which made her smile. When she stopped for a rest, I asked her to play with me and she did and we had great fun.

My DH is happy too 'cos his wheel is nearly finished and I made a big discovery. He was telling my MH all about it and I learned that it works by solar, but I don't know what that means. My MH sort of explained that if the sun ever shines again, then his wheel will go round and round and that made me very excited and I am going to ask my little weather man friend to please let me have some sun to see if it makes the wheel go round.

I shall let you know and I will also tell you how we get on with storm Gertrude. I hope if she comes to you, that you will be safe too.

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  1. The weather really doesn't sound very good, so take care and stay warm. We are going to get a bit of a storm today too.