Wednesday, 20 January 2016


What a shock I got this morning. And not a pleasant one at that. I shall explain.

It was a glorious morning and as soon as we all got up, I flew out of the window to be in the fresh air and to run in the crispy frozen grass again. I was enjoying myself so much that I kind of lost track of time and when I finally decided to go home, my house was empty! My humans had gone and I was left all alone.

I was a bit annoyed but it was my own fault for not waiting till my MH told me what we were going to do with our day 'cos she would have explained---as she always does. But I was too excited so I didn't know where she had gone. I knew the old boy was at the Cat Shop and if I knew how to use the phone I would have asked him where the Boss was.

However, the weather stayed brilliant and I spent my day nipping in and out of the window having a play outside and then coming inside for a heat and a feed. Everything was there for me except my MH's cuddles and you all know that those are the most important things for me.

Then just about half past four in this afternoon, I saw the little kangaroo come bouncing up the road and I ran to the gate to say hello to my humans who had comed back to me to make me all happy. And what was the first thing I got? Yes! A ginormous cuddle and I was happy, happy, happy!

My MH had been out with her friend and she had had a good day but she promised that she would be at home all day tomorrow to do whatever I wanted.


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