Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Just Normal

That's what today has been. Just a normal Tuesday, but a good one. There was no frost but there was no wind either so it was good. It was very cold so my outside trips were even shorter than before but the cuddles when I came home again were brilliant!!

I wandered round my house following my humans to see that they were fine and I helped my MH to tidy up. My DH is still playing with his meccano set and he told me his wheel might be finished this week, so I will let you see it then.

In the afternoon, my MH played on her Wii and when she was finished she played with ME! Well, I did rather demand a bit of her time and of course, I got it. And what made it even better was that she didn't put the coffee table back when she finished her Wii so there was lots and lots of room for an adorable little puss to let off steam and use up all the energy.

We had the bestest of times and I loved every minute of it. My MH was down on the floor right beside me and I ran over the furniture and under the table until I was a wee bit exhausted and had to lie down for a nap.

I think the old dear was feeling the same, but she didn't have time to snooze. Shame, isn't it?

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