Thursday, 7 January 2016

Oh Dear

The weather on my little island is simply awful. I discovered this when I stuck my adorable little nose out of hibernation and one little sniff told me it was still wet and windy, so I just slipped back into my little dream again where I was all warm and dry and very cosy. I like this hibernation.

My MH was doing some housework so the best place for me was definitely under my blanket, but every now and then she would come and give me a wee gentle pat and then she would tell me she loved me and I just purred.

In the afternoon she decided to play with her Wii and as I just appeared in the living room and the right time, I got weighed and my little Wii Mii said I was still the prefectest weight so me and my humans were pleased at that.

We haven't had any visitors today so I don't have any more news for you, but I have asked my MH to show you some pictures which she took while we were all playing together this afternoon and yesterday. I like playing and my MH says she likes playing with me. I need the exercise when the weather is so bad outside and my humans know that so they are happy to play with me.

I prefer being able to get outside, but I am really not too upset if I have to stay inside as long as I get played with. My needs are simple. I just need adoration by the bucketful!

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